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>> breaking news tonight from baltimore city. an amber alert was issued for a 8-year-old boy who was thrown into the trunk of the car earlier. we begin with the search for a 8-year-old darrick charles brown. >> he was abducted in the 300 block of gwynn avenue. an amber alert has been issued. missing fors been five hours. he was taken at 6:30 tonight. the alert was issued at 9:45. this is a picture. he was walking with a group of other boys on gwenn avenue. when a car pulled up. he was thrown into the trunk of the car and the driver sped off. it's a light green ford a
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taurus. police are are hoping someone will recognize his picture. >> detectives are gathering as much information as they can. this is an active investigation. once we learn more, we will share that we want to get that child photograph and the description of the vehicle in hopes that anyone this saw anything can contact authorities 3 >> witnesses say there were two people in the ford taurus. they are described as african american men. call the police at 410-396-2100. >> now to our big story. strong storms moved through much
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of our area this evening. >> that produced thunder and lightning, but the national weather service issued a tornado warning in eastern harford county. we head to tom tasselmyer. >> that warning was in effect for 19 minutes. it was a fast-moving storm that raged across central and eastern maryland. the remnants of that storm on the bay. there stillar are a few cells in parts o f delaware. we are watching big storms in the ohio valley. the potential is for another round of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. very hot and humid air covers the mid-atlantic region. for more on how people are coping with the heat advisory, we have potential that it could
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be even hotter tomorrow para >> they have issued a code red. because of that, those cooling centers will be open was again for folks who are having difficulty. it's worth repeating. experts say it is about keeping hydrated. >> cold drinks. >> when the temperatures rise, so do profits to tenique smith. >> yes, we found shade under the tree and we make our money. >> on the corner of held in st.. how much did you make? >> $125 per day. >> keeping them hydrated. 100 degrees for people that i have got to get out and do their business. keeping them hydrated. >> cold, hard cash for keeping baltimore cool. tuesday's expected 100 plus
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temps will make it number 6. there is no wonder we found a crowd at the inner harbor fountain. >> this one will not get out of the water. >> health experts say this is one of the best ways to stay healthy in the heat. and not just on a code red day. >> the two deaths we have had have come after a string of code reds. >> officials suggest keep checking an elderly neighbors and relatives. and keep a water bottle handy. >> you do not come out around 8:00 in the morning. we try to do at least 200. >> to find a cooling center, call 311. live in north baltimore. >> when severe weather hits, you can to our website for the latest alerts and
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warnings. >> to more cases for baltimore homicide detectives on the heels of a violent weekend. two men were shot at the intersection of pratt and monroe tonight. the violencemes on illegal guns and is calling on leaders to toughen the penalties. corrections officials are looking for another missing inmates. the 49-year-old george brown never came back from his work released on saturday. police say he is 165 pounds, 5'6", serving a three-year sentence for auto theft and traffic violations. inmates to the. return if you know their whereabouts, you are urged to call baltimore city police. >> edward majia in admitted
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they paid thousands of dollars to baltimore city police department to send business to the majestic or repair shop. two have pled guilty. the brothers face 25 years in prison. a well-known president of the story is one of two men accused of stealing historic documents from the maryland historical society. the suspects were arrested over the weekend. >> an employee working inside the maryland historical society and witnessed the alleged theft saturday afternoon. according to court records, the employee had been watching the 63-year-old and a 24-year-old for several hours in the library. he says he called police when he saw them take a document and conceal it into a portfolio and walked out. police searched two lockers and found 60 artifacts worth millions of dollars.
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including documents signed by president abraham lincoln, president inaugural ball hectare -- invitations and sign commemorations of the washington money. >> it is one of my most cherished items. >> barry landau has been featured by several media out lets. he says he has worked with every white house planning historical events and has served on every inaugural committee since 1965. he is accused of signing up many of the documents in the locker. they are both in police custody. the fbi has joined the investigation. >> maryland historical society officials did not return our calls for comment. the baltimore city police and the fbi are working together on the investigation. >> now to washington were leaders are negotiating a plan to rein in the nation's debt.
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talks continued in both sides made their differences clear again today. during a press conference, the president said he would not sign a short-term fix to the nation's borrowing limit but says he is willing to compromise, even if it means breaking some democrats. >> i continue to push congressional leaders for the largest possible deal. resisted.'s gonna be there is frankly resistance on my side to do anything on entitlement. there is strong resistance on the republican side to do anything on revenues. this boils down to two things. >> the president continues to insist on raising taxes and they are not serious enough about fundamental entitlement reform to solve the problem for the near to immediate future. >> the tax that john boehner is referring to would come on the
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backs of the wealthy and big corporations. house republicans will not vote for a measure that cuts the current tax break for those he called job creators. the president says leaders will meet every day until they find consensus. if an agreement is not reached by august 2, the treasury department says the u.s. may not be able to pay its bills. >> some state republicans who voted in favor of providing in state college tuition breaks to undocumented students in 2003 are leading the charge against it. as i-team reporter explains, exports are calling it political gamesmanship. >> during the 2003 session of the maryland general assembly, debate raged over a proposal providing in state college tuition breaks to undocumented students. the bill, a must less restrictive measure then dream act passed with bipartisan support. senator nancy jacobs who is the senate minority leader voted in
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favor. so did senator alex mooney, who is now the state chairman of the maryland gop. they both participated in the successful petition drive, putting the dream act on hold. >> the democrats would do the same thing. this is political hypocrisy. >> the difference between the 2003 and 2011 bill are huge. both mandated to your attendance at high school. filing an application to becoming a permanent resident. teh dream act requires of parent to provide documentation. students must register with selective service and they must get an assist his degree from a community college first. the number of undocumented students would not be included in undergraduate enrollment figures. >> it is an issue they can run against democrats. it is about political advantage. >> opponents contend that rewarding illegals violates federal law. like california and texas, this legislation bases eligibility on
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were arrested with a high school, not residency status. the gop site costs. an analysis of the 2003 legislation does not offer a bottom line estimate. but it did suggest tuition revenues would increase for institutions that are trying to boost their enrollment. the 2011 dream act assumes 333 students would qualify 2014, costing taxpayers $778,000. by 2016, the figure could climb to $3.5 million, raising the issue of rewarding lawbreakers. it has seen by many republicans as a successful and run around the state house. >> i do not think one referendum tells us there is a trend. will have to wait and see. it would be much too cumbersome to govern by referendum. enatorther s responded to our request for comment.
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on tuesday, support is, which include the national action network, will hold a public forum to talk about it. it will be held at 6:30 at new shiloh baptist church on the monroe street. >> some strong storms. temperatures.g >> the latest bad news for rupert murdoch. >> he's knocked over into his child and the child is knocked on the ground. >> that's how it started. the deadly for the july stabbing at the inner harbor. you will hear more as he tells her clients story of what happened that night. >> it is up in the air whether i will be able to get another apartment or not. i do not really know what to do or have any place to go. >> victims of last week's storms in dundalk say they have little options. they're pricey alternative and
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>> michelle obama will travel to california to attend the funeral of betty bord. ford. nancy reagan and hillary clinton are expected to attend. she will be interred alongside husband in michigan. >> the "news of the world" scandal. a group have sued the media conglomerate over a phnone hacking scandal. there are reports that a member of the guard responsible for the royal families securities sold a list of phone numbers to the tabloid.
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the prime minister said that another paper went after records on him and his family. >> it is absolutely appalling. what people need to know is that i am determined we will get to the bottom of this. >> employees have been accused of heading into phones of crime victims. the justice department is beefing up its gun-control efforts. gunshop owner is in arizona, california, new mexico and texas must report the purchases of two or more semi-automatic weapons to federal authorities if they are bought by the same person in a five day span. the new policy will help restrict the a little flow of weapons into mexico. they estimate it will generate 18,000 reports per year. >> the attorney for the man charged in the stabbing at the inner harbor says her client acted in self defense. marcus harris faces first-degree murder charges. but his attorney says her client
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was only defending himself when a fight spilled over and resulted in the injury of his 5- year-old son. >> when he has knocked over into his child off. the child is not on to the ground and it's a pretty good head bump and starts crying. that is when mr. harris is trying to figure out what is going on. who's involved with what type of fight when he sees a large a guy coming at him. >> he is expected to be in court for a bail review hearing on thursday. residents at the dundalk apartment complex said they had been forced to move out after a storm damaged their building. >>as i-team reporter explains, temporary shelter will cost them more. >> they replaced the tarp on one of the damaged buildings. firefighters and police escorted them to their apartments to get their belongings. then the tenants were told it was time to leave. baltimore county firefighters
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and officers returned to the apartments in dundalk, this seems similar to thursday when the rescuers aided families impacted by the storm's high winds and heavy rains, but this was no rescue. it was for safety. >> they were coming to get there and belongings and leave. >> the storm ripped the roof off of two families and displays a dozen families. while some tennis returned to pick up personal belongings, others moved back in. the management was alerted by a photoone call. >> brian taylor collective personal items. >> it has my stress level elevated. i don't know what to do. i'm stabbing thin the dark. >> police assisted several tenants by carrying out bags. apartment managers said they are doing what they can to find
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space for the tenants of other properties, but some worried that higher price of $150 a month would render them harmless. the managers as it is trying to get a break on the red. while danger signs designated police andnsfaeafe, firefighters took this additional step. >> we do not want people to come back in. for their safety, we are asking people to stay out of the building. >> the new apartments and not be ready until wednesday or friday, so the red cross is assisting those displaced tenants. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the storms we saw in the month is 6:00 raced across central and eastern maryland. the line is making its way towards the coast, but in a weaker fashion. the storms are a line of
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showers. the second batch of storms that developed on the heels of this one is heading further to our south and west, out of ohio and southwestern west virginia. for the rest of tonight, things will be quiet. cannot rule out another storm popping up tomorrow or wednesday. at bw, storms whipped through quickly. you may have had a heavy downpour, but other areas may have missed out. the storms are moving so quickly. it did not have a chance to dump a lot of rain. it was 93 at the airport. 98 at the inner harbor. 100 is the record. it goes back to 1988. with today's 90 degree temperatures, it is the seventh 100.time we've topped this time last year, we had 28
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90 degree days. the normal is only 12. we are well behind last year's scorching hot summer. 82 in parksville. storms rolled through. 79 in randallstown. in the mountains, it gets cooler. it is going to be our warm overnight-early morning. 82 in downtown baltimore. light south wind. if you had a shower, it could lead to patchy fog in the morning. one batch of thunderstorms rolling past. another one developing in o hio. a cold front in the upper great lakes. until this front and itself, thunderstorms will pop up in our forecast from time to time. tomorrow, hot again, maybe hotter than today. the thunderstorms will be isolated, a 20% late afternoon in early evening. on wednesday, the cold front pushes south of the that will bring a slight chance for a
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thunderstorm. that will be worth it. much more comfortable for the end of the workweek. tomorrow, uncomfortable. the low 100's. west winds at 10. a 20% chance of a storm. western maryland, a 30% chance of thunderstorms. almost 100 degrees away from the water. ocean city, 95-90 degrees, with the risk of a late afternoon storm. hot through wednesday, then it clears up. and it looks like an extended stretch of dry weather from thursday to the weekend with highs in the 80's and lows in the 60's. >> cal ripkin jr tonight. some glory days coming up.
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>> now 11 sports >> the all-star break arrives and the guys could have used a little bit of rest but does not get it. he will make do. the 25-year-old catcher when the orioles only birth in the all- star game. he has earned it. he said he must learn how to catch and the big leagues, but the hitting would come. those that study the statistics,
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you could see he has accomplished that. 24 base runners caught. he's ok. not the number 1 prospect, but he is only 25. winners met the media in arizona, sounding more like a rookie in a candy store. >> you get here and you see all of the guys, all the guys who played against and see what kind of careers they are having. it is exciting to be part of this team. it's as exciting as when i first heard the news. >> cal ripken jr. at the peak of his career surprising most that he entered the home run derby. the ira man left the field with 11. t-- the iron man lapped the field with 11. good times from the past. that leads us to the only sporting event tonight. the home run derby.
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to the real captains picking three teammates. -- two captains picking three teammates. cal junior, the first pitch. we pick it up in the first round. the moment of the night with the glove. a youngster shagging balls. an unbelievable catch. gonzalez delivered. 11 home runs. in the final runs, he hit 31. gone swimming. but robinson found his groove. defeated gravity. he had 32. wins the 2011 home run derby. heinz ward had a bad weekend. he was arrested for drunk driving. ward denies he was drunk,
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despite failing sobriety tests. he apologizes for embarrassing the franchise and create a distraction. id, it ray rice sad will like heiz wnz ward miss training camp. could weigh in."u "you know where you can find me." the week one, ravens- the week one, ravens- honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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>> the quick reminder. there is an amber alert for this 8-year-old boy darrick charles brown. witnesses say he was walking with a group of boys are around 6:30 tonight on 300 block of gwynn avenue. someone pulled up and of ford taurus. you are asked to call 911 with any information. >> we hope and pray he is found very soon. >> a chance for more storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. 95-100 degrees on tuesday. thunderstorms wednesday. finally, were comfortable thursday and friday. >> the tonight show is coming up next. >> good night, everybody.
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